Why Do So Many Americans STILL See Bitcoin as a Scam- and How That May be a Good Thing

Search the word Bitcoin online and the word scam will not be far behind. Bitcoin is not a scam. Scams are committed using Bitcoin, and that is not to be denied. The crypto currency itself is entirely legitimate. Someone looking to buy bitcoins with credit card likely knows this already. There is a lot more information on the website that details how the process works. It takes minutes to receive bitcoin with a credit card purchase.

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The perception that Bitcoin is a scam could actually benefit investors that are sticking to it. The perception will keep uninformed people from stocking up on Bitcoin. The success of Bitcoin is not inherently tied to how the mainstream perceives it. It is not like a public stock option. If the company is perceived as bad, the company may lose money. They will pay fewer dividends, the stocks will drop, and the public appeal has a direct result on stock payouts and valuations. Bitcoin does not rely on the public appeal because it will continue on regardless. There are some considerations in the mainstream. For example, companies will not accept Bitcoin as an option if there is not a demand for it. Regardless of that, the value is largely unaffected.

Bitcoin will continue on almost no matter what. If the mainstream does not embrace it, the coin will not revolutionize the global economy or defeat the dollar in an epic economic war. But, it will still hold value. It will still be revered by many investors because there is enough at stake for them to make it work. The dollar was birthed from gold but continues because of faith. The same transition is happening with Bitcoin. The mainstream can see it as a scam, but as long as buyers are buying into it, the system continues on. The currency has a life its own, and it will pay out people who have got involved at the right time.

Admittedly, not all Bitcoin owners would consider themselves investors. Some do not even want to hold onto their coins. They are looking to purchase items with them, and there are plenty of options for them to do exactly that.

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